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Get out of debt +
Start building wealth

We share our 5 steps to accelerate your path to financial freedom. We also break down the true key to building wealth. See how we went from six-figure debt to a six-figure net worth. 

Course Outline

Duration: 1 hr 20 min




Who are we (About Us)

How To Get Out Of Debt + Bonus

Case Study


30 min consulting call 



My first deal

We walk step by step through the process of acquiring your first cash flowing rental property. Everything from funding your transaction, calculating your return, choosing a property, building a team, acquisition, maintenance, finding a tenant, and collecting passive income even from a property


Course Outline

Duration: 3 hr 15 min

Why To Invest In Real Estate

Funding Your Investment

Location, Location, Location

How To Determine A Good Investment

Building Your Dream Team

Closing The Deal


"Now What" Taxes, Maintenance, Repairs

Finding A Tenant "Secure The Bag"

Bonus Material - Podcast

Ways to Make Money In Real E

Tutorial (Creating Functions)

30 min consulting call

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